• Best Solutions for Fixing Slippery Concrete

    May 02, 2017· The non-slip additive is a fine to coarse granular additive that gets added into the top coat. 3-4 ounces per gallon can be added to help achive a more slip resistant surface. Penetrating concrete sealers will not make the concrete more slippery, but they won't change the slip resistance of the surface because they entirely below the

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  • Slippery Concrete Fixes Tips on Slip Resistant Flat

    Sealers for decorative concrete provide protection and enhance color. But the same thin, plastic layer that provides this protection and color enhancement also becomes very slippery when wet. When dry, most sealers pass the national standards set by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) for slip resistance.

  • Anti Slip Concrete Coating Concrete Non Slip Coating

    Non Slip Concrete Floor Coatings. This unique water-based anti-slip floor system turns slippery concrete floors into non-slip surface with real true traction. No more slipping & sliding on slippery wet concrete floors. Our no slip floor system has been successfully used for many, many years all around the United States and abroad.

  • Solution for Slippery Concrete ThriftyFun

    Dec 23, 2013· This guide is about solution for slippery concrete. Especially when wet, smooth concrete can be very slick. You need to find a way to make walking on it safe. Menu Ask a Question Share a Post Account Search. concrete driveway, and painted garage floors, and in

  • How to Make a Floor Non-Slip With a Home Remedy Hunker

    Slippery floors are not only a nuisance, but they can also cause serious injury. Marble floors and concrete garage floors can be especially slippery. Spilled grease, oil and liquids on floor surfaces are often at the root of the problem, but some floors are slippery even when clean.

  • 10 Options for Fixing Slippery Concrete Steps

    May 29, 2010· Slip-Resistant Tape. Tape is an inexpensive, quick solution for slippery steps. The tape comes in an array of colors and is easily applied to clean concrete. The ideal temperature when applying primer and tape is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Artificial Grass Carpet. Grass carpeting is a common solution for slippery stairs.

  • How to Make Concrete Not Slippery SealWithEase

    Mar 21, 2019· You can etch slippery concrete and give it a rougher surface using a 25% solution of muriatic acid. The acid can eat away the top layer of the concrete and expose the sand that was mixed into the concrete. This turns your slippery concrete into a skid safe floor even when it gets wet. Make sure to wear safety goggles, rubber gloves and

  • Slip Resistant Coatings- How to Create Non-Slip Concrete

    Any concrete surface can be slippery when it is wet or icy, especially color hardened or sealed concrete. You want your clients to be pleased with the appearance of your , but you don't want them to slip on it and get hurt (or even to sue you), so it makes sense to understand how to make concrete slip resistant when the situation demands.

  • How to Make a Slip-Proof Garage Floor: DIY Home

    Feb 03, 2010· In the case of your garage floor, I would treat it very aggressively, because a smooth concrete surface that has slush and water on it is almost as slippery as a surface can get. One solution

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  • Top 5 Effective Suggestions to Make Floors Less Slippery

    Slip NoMor products are non-slip solution for vinyl and flooring that protect the floor and makes it slip-free. This solution is also effective in making linoleum flooring less slippery. Applying a generous amount weekly will provide a matte surface finish that will preserve and protect the floor

  • How to Keep a Concrete Floor From Being Slick Home

    How to Keep a Concrete Floor From Being Slick. Concrete floors are prized for their relatively easy installation and low maintenance and care requirements. Smooth or damp concrete floors, however

  • OSHA Compliant Polymer Non Slip Industrial Concrete Floor

    Slip resistant flooring, anti-skid finishes and slip resistant coatings from Surface Solutions contains coarse particles that impart a rough, abrasive surface that resists sliding, skidding or falls, helping to make wet, slippery floors safer. Our slip resistant flooring solutions are OSHA-compliant, creating just the right amount of friction

  • SlipDoctors Anti-Slip Paint & Coatings for Concrete

    Anti-Slip Concrete Coating . Looking for an anti-slip concrete sealer Deck Grip is a non-yellowing, water-based acrylic anti-slip sealer for concrete and other stone surfaces. After applying the non-slip solution to the slippery concrete, our versatile Deck Grip sealer will create a clear, semi-gloss coating. This anti-slip concrete finish is

  • The solutions for slippery floors GLISSGRIP

    Slippery floors Solutions A universal problem, a panel of tailored solutions. Since each material is unique, GLISS'GRIP offers specific products based on the type of surface and the intensity of traffic.After a long process of research and development, GLISS'GRIP now offers products for the treatment of all types of mineral or other surfaces. Each product has its own specific features

  • How to make slippery concrete safer SFGate

    Oct 07, 1998· How to make slippery concrete safer. MARK HETTS. Oct. 7, 1998 Updated: Feb. 6, 2012 3:15 a.m. Each kit contains 50 specially scored screws designed to easily snap off below the floor

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  • stop slippery floors and steps with SURE STOP FLOOR SAFETY

    An excellent solution when water, soap, grease, oil, chemicals, blood, dust or other unsafe materials make mineral floors slippery. Professionally, we will degrease and clean your existing floor. Then the Sure Stop Non-Slip Floor Safety Treatment is installed. The floor