• How to Pour Concrete in Hot Weather

    Jul 22, 2019· Concrete poured in hot weather, low humidity, or high wind can suffer adverse effects if proper adjustments are not made to the process. Any time hot and/or dry conditions are present when pouring concrete, it is important to schedule the during the coolest part of the day, if possible, and to have plans in place to keep the concrete cool.

  • Hot Weather Concrete Construction

    Protect the concrete surface during placement with plastic sheeting or evaporation retarders to maintain the initial moisture in the concrete mixture. Provide sufficient or to minimize the time required to place and finish the concrete, as hot weather conditions substantially shorted the times to initial and final set.

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    When pouring concrete in hot weather keep an evaporative retarder ready on site in case the temperature gets hotter and water is rapidly evaporating. Use as part of the concrete water mix to cool the concrete. Reduce the mixing time once water has been added to the mix. Bags of concrete mix and all equipment needed to pour concrete in hot


    Use Retarding Admixture. Add retarding agents in concrete to lower the rate of hydration of
  • Placing Concrete In Hot Or Cold Weather Sakrete

    Almost everything in this discussion on hot weather is directed at someone pouring a s. If you are mixing up concrete and placing it in a hole to support a fence post of deck, hot weather normally isn’t a problem. If the concrete is setting too fast to place in the hole, then using cold mixing water or will help.

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    Hot Weather Concreting (ACI 305R-10) Effects •Plastic shrinkage cracking –Although primarily associated with hot-weather concrete, these typically occur within 30 minutes up to 6 hours. Plastic Shrinkage cracks can and do occur during cool and cold weather also –It can occur any time ambient conditions produce rapid

  • Hot Weather Concreting Problems, Effects and Precautions

    Measures to be taken during the Hot weather concrete pouring: Schedule a pre placement conference to discuss the general concrete placement check list Concrete Placement Checklist and the current plan of placement concrete in hot weather. Place the concrete early morning in the day time or late afternoon when the ambient temperature is low.

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    In hot weather, as the cement sets up, slump decreases rapidly and more mixing water is needed. This can also contribute to lower strengths (as much as another 10% lower), and in integrally colored concrete, can lead to variations in water content which can result in significant differences in concrete color between adjacent pours.


    EFFECTS OF HOT WEATHER CONDITIONS Most of the problems associated with placing concrete in hot weather conditions relate to the increased rate of cement hydration at higher temperatures and the increased rate of evaporation of moisture from the fresh concrete. The properties of concrete that may be affected by hot weather conditions include:

  • Guide to Hot Weather Concreting American Concrete Institute

    3.1—Potential problems in hot weather 3.2—Potential problems related to other factors 3.3—Practs for hot weather concreting Chapter 4—Effects of hot weather on concrete properties, p. 3 4.1—General 4.2—Estimating evaporation rate 4.3—Temperature of concrete 4.4—Ambient conditions 4.5—Water 4.6—Cement

  • Burning Up: How to Handle Placing Concrete in Hot Weather

    Burning Up: How to Handle Placing Concrete in Hot Weather As summer begins, daily temperatures are on the rise, which can cause difficulties when placing and finishing concrete at job sites.

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    Jan 31, 2017· In hot weather conditions, this process is truncated and the mix has less time to hydrate, form crystals, and set to a strong compressive strength. Because of this, hot weather concrete is more likely to suffer decreased strength and durability. Increased Cracking Risk. Hot weather

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    flow for hot weather pours. Experts agree that the ideal temperature for pouring concrete is approximately 50˚- 60˚ Fahrenheit. Since weather is unpredictable, and often uncooperative, we need to be flexible and prepared to pour in the hot weather. Concreting When the Mercury Rises The American Concrete Institute (ACI) defines hot weather

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    For hot weather concreting, provide sufficient our and machinery to minimize the time required to place and finish the concrete, as hot weather conditions has considerably short time for initial and final set of concrete. Erect temporary windbreakers to limit wind velocities. Erect sunshades to reduce the temperature of the concrete


    COLD WEATHER CONCRETE. The following information will help you successfully place concrete in cold weather. As always, Cemstone is committed to our mutual success and following these guidelines will result in satisfied customers. Special precautions are needed for placing concrete in cold weather

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    May 22, 2010· Hot weather conditions can lead to problems in mixing, placing and curing hydraulic cement concrete that can adversely affect the properties and servability of the concrete. If precautions are not effectively implemented during hot weather, the concrete