• Shaft mining- latest advances in hoist safety and energy

    Blair multi-rope hoists Blair multi-rope hoists can be used as production or serv hoists. Blair multi-rope hoists are also known as multi-rope drum hoists. They can use either one or two drums. A multi-rope drum hoist is similar to a drum hoist but each drum uses two ropes to handle the load which, in turn, adds certain complications.

  • Keeping Mine Hoists Healthy E & MJ

    More recently, ABB—which has installed more than 700 mine hoists around the world since 1937—rolled out a hoist consulting and assessment serv called Hoist Performance Fingerprint, first offered last year in Australia, Sweden and South Africa, and this year expanding to

  • Types of mine hoists ABB

    A double drum hoist normally costs more than the friction hoist equivalent and requires a larger motor and stronger electrical net. Double drum hoists are traditionally ground-mounted and each drum of a double drum hoist uses one rope to carry the load. Blair multi-rope hoists Blair multi-rope hoists can be used as production or . serv

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    ABB Mine Hoists ABB has delivered more than 600 new mine hoists and undertaken the modernization of hundreds of existing hoisting plants worldwide. Our unique position as the sole supplier of complete mine hoists, both mechanical and electrical, enables us to

  • Knowledge, innovation—Mine Shaft Hoists

    Most experienced mine shaft hoist supplier Mine Shaft Systems has over 100 years of design and installation experience, having installed over 500 hoist systems. We have both designed and manufactured more Blair Multi-Rope hoists than any other hoist supplier.

  • Failure analysis of a mine hoist rope ScienceDirect

    Mar 01, 1997· The Albany Research Center has been studying the degradation mechanisms of wire ropes with the goal of more accurately predicting when the end of the useful life of a rope has been reached. In partnership with Henderson Mine, Albany Research Center personnel investigated a hoist rope that was retired after an unexpectedly short serv life.

  • Mine Hoisting In Deep Shafts In The 1st Half Of 21st Century

    From that time we can observe a continuous development of this double-rope, double-drum hoists. Currently, they are used up to the depth of 3 150 m (man/material hoist at the Moab Khotsong Mine, to hoist 13 500 kg in a single lift, at 19,2 m/sec, using 2 x 7400

  • UNDERGROUND MINING Wire Rope Industries (WRI/ICA)

    ropes, WRI has decades of experience in supplying some . of the world’s deepest mines with the harshest operating conditions. Our product range is unmatched in the industry, as is our capability to design the best rope for any application. Through innovation, Wire Rope Industries goes beyond . offering rope constructions traditionally

  • The Mines Regulations, 2018

    10-1 General duty re hoists 10-2 General duty re ropes 10-3 General duty re log books, record books 10-4 Hoisting machinery log book 10-5 Electrical hoisting equipment log book 10-6 Rope record book 10-7 Hoist operator’s log book 10-8 Mine hoist certificate 10-9 Certificate re modifications 10-10 Putting hoist into serv

  • Mining Rope Inspection

    Rope retirement based on broken wires is determined by each mine, and varies depending upon the rope’s application (hoist, drag or dump). When establishing the criteria for each piece of equipment, it is impor-tant to re that each broken wire reduces the rated strength of the wire rope

  • Hudbay Reports Production Interruption at its 777 Mine

    Oct 12, 2020· The hoist rope detached from the skip, causing the skip to fall to the bottom of the shaft. There were no injuries and all underground personnel were safely evacuated from the mine using the

  • CASAR Mining Technology Mining News and Views Updated

    Crane ropes for mining. For more than 100 years, cranes have carried out heavy-lifting tasks using wire rope. On mining sites, it is essential for cranes to efficiently and safely lift and transport heavy loads to maintain the health and safety of the site. CASAR stocks a large variety of ropes that can reliably help cranes execute routine tasks.

  • Lateral stiffness and deflection of vertical ropes with

    Increasing depth of mine shaft leads to more insufficient stiffness of guiding ropes, thereby causing the substantial swinging of hoisting conveyances and increasing insecurity.

  • Drives and PLCs for mine hoists and winches Mining ABB

    Gearbox failures, wear and tear of ropes and hoist mechanics as well as energy inefficiency have a negative impact on your mine’s profitability and safety. Using variable frequency drives for varying the speed of hoist motors provides smooth and accurate operation for your hoist

  • Coal Mining Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

    75 Endless hoist ropes that are more than 19 mm in diameter or that are used to transport persons on grades exceeding 4 per cent shall be non-destructively tested at least once every three months.. 76 A hoist rope shall be removed from serv where (a) the extension of a test piece of the rope, when tested to destruction, has decreased to less than 60 per cent of its original extension;

  • Mine improves operations through OEE and waterfall analysis

    Drum hoists need more space than friction hoists for the same serv because all of the haulage cable must be accommodated on the drum when the hoist is fully raised. Drum hoists require rapid fluctuations in power demand, which can pose a problem if power is generated on site rather than provided through the main power grid.2, 3 Hoist performance

  • Coal Mining Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

    (a) for a rope 25 mm or more in diameter, 80 times the rope diameter; and (b) for a rope less than 25 mm in diameter, 60 times the rope diameter. (3) Every hoist rope sheave shall be machined to fit the rope that is used on it. 72 No direct hoist rope shall be reversed on the drum of a hoist. 73 (1) Every hoist rope shall be kept lubricated. (2

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    CraneSystems wire rope hoists as “smaller” auxiliary hoists, one crane also has a further wire rope hoist with 12.5 t S.W.L. The crane systems were commissioned at the end of 2012 and were already in use in December for transporting and positioning three 316 and 318 t turbines. For this application the

  • 5205.1200 MN Rules Part

    Jun 11, 2008· For hooks with cracks or having more than 15 percent in excess of normal throat opening or more than ten degrees twist from the plane of the unbent hook, refer to subpart 6, item B, subitem (1). D. Hoist chains, including end connections, for excessive wear, twist, distorted links, or stretch beyond manufacturer's recommendations visual

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    Getting heavy 15 October, 2020 Heavy lifting hoists and overhead cranes are more than just scaled-up versions of smaller systems. Julian Champkin investigates. Julian Champkin investigates. Next generation Gantry cranes for use at ports are getting makeovers, with new units and retrofitted existing cranes being fitted with automation capability