• Gold Panning in New Mexico

    Our staff have prepared a free packet of information about gold panning in New Mexico (in PDF format 5.14 Mb). It includes a brief history of gold mining in NM, where to look, what equipment is required, what regulations apply and who to contact, and an extensive

  • Gold Panning Trips in New Mexico USA Today

    Mar 21, 2018· The Guilded Gold Panning Excursion (gatewaymuseum) provides an adventure that relies on high-clearance vehicles to follow an old mining trail to a gold-bearing stream near Red River.


    The largest gold producer in New Mexico history was the Aztec Mine, east of Elizabethtown on the slope of Mt. Baldy, now on Philmont Boy Scout Ranch property. But most gold-bearing lodes around here are difficult to get to — and not worth the effort.

  • Gold Prospecting in New Mexico. Where to Find Gold.

    New Mexico has a rich gold mining history, and plenty of gold is left to be discovered today. Miners and prospectors have found gold nuggets weighing several ounces using metal detectors and drywashers. Researching the areas that are known gold producers is your best chance of finding gold today.

  • There's (Still) Gold in Them Hills New Mexico True

    Gold mining in New Mexico really took off in the late 1800s, with an important strike in the Elizabethtown–Mount Baldy area, near Eagle Nest. Others occurred around Pinos Altos, Silver City, Mogollón, the Jémez Mountains, the Caballo Mountains, and elsewhere. Most deposits were small, however, and soon exhausted.

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    gold in new mexico gold maps for gold panning, metal detecting and prospecting with over 600 gold sites. gold maps are great for gold panners, gold metal detecting, prospectors, rock hounds, campers, hikers, and geologist. the location and mineral occurrence of gold for these sites came from extensive research of the new mexico data files

  • Finding Desert Gold Deposits in New Mexico

    Jun 09, 2015· Over the past four centuries, the state of New Mexico had produced quite a significant amount of gold, which included both placer and lode deposits. The Land of Enchantment was first prospected by its earliest inhabitants, the Mexican settlers and Spanish explorers.

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  • Placer Gold Deposits of New Mexico USGS

    Most placer gold deposits in New Mexico are derived from gold-bearing mineralized areas in Tertiary intrusive rocks, and occur in gravels of alluvial fans, gulches, and rivers adjacent to the source. A few deposits are derived from gold-bearing Pre- cambrian crystalline or Tertiary volcanic rocks.

  • 8 Rivers in New Mexico Where You Can Find Gold

    Sep 25, 2017· New Mexico has a lot of gold, but it is generally very fine. Rather than large nuggets, you will find that gold almost always occurs as very fine textured particles and dust. Because of this, you will want to perfect your gold panning technique, and perhaps consider using a Gold Cube or other equipment that is great for recovering very fine river gold. Below are 8 New Mexico Rivers where gold

  • Public Gem Collecting Mines in Texas & New Mexico

    This mine is located about three miles west of Bingham along Highway 380 next to the Blanchard Rock Shop in Bingham, New Mexico. If you love collecting high quality minerals, then this is one of the best pay-to-dig mines that you can visit.


    If you're looking for a fun, family oriented gold prospecting organization, then the Gold Prospectors Association of New Mexico may be for you. Here at GPANM, our s have access to numerous claims around the state, including some only 30 minutes from Albuquerque. Our mission is to allow our s access to profitable mining claims.

  • New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources

    New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources

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    As a retired Army veteran and a father to two adopted sons who love the outdoors, we have two hobbies we use availe public lands near our home and all over New Mexico during the summer to enjoy. We are avid Metal Detectorists and gold prospectors! We visit public lands all summer to also enjoy the great outdoors, see our state’s wildlife and enjoy the great weather as often as possible to

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    Gold Prospecting in New Mexico Gold prospecting is the act of searching for new gold deposits! Methods used vary with the type of deposit sought and the resources of the prospector. In Hillsboro, gold was discovered in the Percha Creek in 1877 by two prospectors Dave Stitzel and Dan Dugan.

  • New Mexico Gold Maps Gold Claims

    New Mexico’s roughly 13,019 active gold claims represent about 2.9% of all active gold claims in the lower 48 states. After opening the New Mexico gold map you first see a satellite view of the state boundaries with yellow and orange clusters.

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  • Placer Gold Deposits of New Mexico USGS

    HISTORY OF PLACER MINING IN NEW MEXICO Placer mining began in 1828, when the rich placer deposits of the Ortiz Mountains, Santa Fe County, were discovered (Jones, 1904, p. 21). Even before that discovery, New Mexico was the scene of some mining activity. The Pueblo Indians mined and used turquoise for ornaments, and there is