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    Because LINE-X Protective Coatings form permanent bonds at the molecular level, they have excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces. Whether applied to metal, , concrete, plastic, or , LINE-X can absorb impact and resist damage by remaining both

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    LINE-X ® is not just for spray-on bedliners. You can spray LINE-X on just about anything that needs protection, from your boat, trailer and motorcycle to trucks and fire trucks. The LINE-X range of tough, durable coatings are guaranteed to protect more than just your truck from the harshest elements.

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    Line-X Bed Liners — our signature product that changed the face of the industry. Truck Accessories — You may not tame that beast of a vehicle but you can make it yours by dressing it up. Specialty Automotive — From the grill guard to the back bumper, our patented paint and protection products enhance and customize both the interior and exterior of any vehicle.

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    LINE-X products are a fast-cure, multipurpose series of coatings designed for a wide range of retail, commercial, and industrial uses. They exhibit excellent adhesion to most properly prepared surfaces. With its fast cure time it can

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    Aspart-X was originally developed as a floor coating for concrete and , but we have found that it has almost as many uses as Line-X! As a floor coating it is extremely durable. It can withstand a hot car tire without leaving a mark, unlike a store bought epoxy. It also comes in many colors and finish options.

  • LINE-X Stores To Offer ValuGard Undercoating And Rust

    2018/06/26· Participating LINE-X franchises will be equipped to apply undercoating, which is a semi-fluid low VOC material for protecting the underside of cars and trucks; trailers; and large commercial

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    2020/02/03· Undercoating Insulates and protects from corrosion caused by road salt, dirt, stone and gravel abrasion Provides added noise insulation; acts as a sound deadener for a quieter ride Leaves a finished "cosmetic" appearance to *

  • Undercoating The Good, The Bad, and The Rusty

    2020/09/16· Undercoating spray can be purchased as a DIY product, but it’s tricky to apply so it’s best to use this method at the dealership on a new vehicle. 2. Electronic

  • Line X and Undercoating Chevy and Duramax Diesel

    2010/09/24· The thing about Line-X is it dosent make a good undercoating product is the fact that there has to be no oil, grease or moisture under the coating because it comes out of the spray gun at 148 degrees celcious. The smallest little

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    This spray applies just like paint and has a no-run formula which means you don’t have to worry about any drips or messes when you apply. With this product, you can easily protect your car’s undercarriage from rust as well as corrosion and abrasion that can be caused by salt, rain, dents, dings and stones.

  • Products Line-X of Annapolis

    LINE-X products are a fast-cure, multipurpose series of coatings designed for a wide range of retail, commercial, and industrial uses. They exhibit excellent adhesion to most properly prepared surfaces. With its fast cure time it can

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    LINE-X is the nation’s leading provider of spray-on protective coatings. Our products are utilized in commercial, industrial, agricultural, military and custom applications. LINE-X consists of several different products. All systems utilize a


    Rustproofing & Undercoating TST Silent Rider Undercoat Today, vehicle manufacturers recommend that you properly flush the underbody of your vehicle once, tw, some as many as four times per year, at YOUR expense, (see underbody maintenance in your owner's manual).

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    LINE-X® industrial coatings provide safe, anti-slip surfaces for any environment, whether it is in a rural agricultural setting or on the factory floor. Application areas include concrete floorings, stairwells, ramps, catwalks and

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    Hybrid Undercoating (VG-076): This auto rustproofing product protects against both the abrasion caused by MagChlor road salt and the corrosion. It dries in 40 minutes or less and, once fully cured (typically 24 hours), can also be

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    As one of the nation’s leading providers of spray-on protective coatings, our industry-leading truck bed protection products at Line-X of Mason City are great for commercial, industrial, agricultural, military, and custom applications.

  • Line-X Rustproofing/Undercoating Tacoma World

    2011/03/12· product called WaxOxy. It consists of beeswax and a rust inhibitor- oil .It stays soft but not sticky as to grab dirt ect. Best coating results ive ever had. The only site ive found it at is roversnorth. I used 4 500ml hardwax

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    2011/12/01· Unlike other spray-on or drop-in bedliners, a LINE-X® treatment is professionally applied at high pressure and high temperatures, bonding instantly and perma

  • Undercoating frame with LineX to stop rust. Tacoma Forum

    2013/10/14· Has anyone heard of undercoating the frame with the Line X product used to coat truck beds Everyone already knows that you and HellaNella420 have some kind of interest in a company supposedly is the latest and greatest in "rust control and prevention"!

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    The NEW 5 Liter RAPTOR Pails are ideal for large areas like trailers, floors, heavy equipment and full oversprays. Mix 3:1 (15 liters of RAPTOR to 5 liters of hardener) to make more than 5 sprayable gallons of RAPTOR that will cover approximately 625 square feet! RAPTOR can be brush applied or sprayed through pneumatic or conventional HVLP spray equipment. Use for automotive, construction